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krazycatqueen asked me to do a our world/modern au Yukari so I did!! uvu

Look at this very important picture of Yukari Yakumo.

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Is there any particular reason, that you so damn beautiful!?
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Hey guys! so I woke up to find this being shared on facebook and I was so devastated that someone would do this so I thought sharing on tumblr might help as well! reblog to spread the word and PLEASE let Jacqueline know if you find anything suspicious!!! thank you so much!!

Don’t really share things like this but it looks legit.

Seriously cosplay takes a lot of time an this is horrible

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How do you feel about Chen’s legion of cats?
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Ummm, How do I pronounce your name…. YukariMotherfuckingYakumo? I believe? Well anyways, do you watch Reimu take baths on a daily basis for pleasure?
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How’s the kids?
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Anonymous asked:

Ever heard of the name Maribel Hearn, Yukari?

Do you have any relation with that Maribel girl from the outside world?
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Yukari, you have such long glossy hair. How do you keep it looking nice?
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Yukari Livestream


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in an alternate universe, where people do not have noses
(( Here’s the Joke ))
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Why do you have two different dresses? (and on an OOC note, could we see her IaMP/IN/SWR dress? o:)
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aren’t i cute
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touhou is for nerds


I’m a fucking nerd, yes

Which one of you is talkin’ shit

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Would you manage without Ran or Chen around?
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 summonershuri asked:

Yukari, Yukari! Do you have a Valentine? ♥

Miss Yakumo, do you have any plans for Valentines day?
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