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ice cream
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Do the lunarians have any cool stuff worth stealing?
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The mother of all wars has begun!
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Ask Yukari Livestream


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Drew some Yukaris

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guess who became a magical girl

It all makes sense now.

(Source: lumpelstiltskin)

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Jesus christ. Get better soon!

(( I do believe I am fully recovered! I have cool scars tho. ))

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Chen is now a holy knight! Congratulations.
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Anonymous said:

In heaven, everything is fine.

(( Source )) 

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what if Ran has ten tails
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Zero Punctuation
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Anonymous said:

I chose this particular wormhole especially for the occasion. You see, at the end of this wormhole lies… a ROOM… with a MOOSE!

(( Fun fact, I have three pairs of pajamas with Moose on them. 

Not as fun fact, the moose population where I live has decreased dramatically :C ))

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"A goat attempts to lick Yukari. Miss Yakumo is sent flying due to the goat’s physics-defying properties."
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Do you like Mokou?
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